$99 Logitech Z623 Speakers, Today-Only Deal At Dick Smith

$99 Logitech Z623 Speakers, Today-Only Deal At Dick Smith

You want a decent set of multimedia speakers, but you’re not willing to spend more than $100? Usually this would involve a dastardly compromise… but not today. For Sunday only, Dick Smith has knocked $100 off the RRP of Logitech’s Z623 speakers so you can grab them for a measly $99.

You can thank OzBargain user “theearth” for spotting the deal, which looks to be exclusive to online shoppers and only valid for today. The speakers weigh 10.2kg and the total dimensions are 32.4 x 45.8 x 33.6cm, so take those specifications into consideration while you decide where to stick the things.

The speakers usually retail for $199, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better discount right now, let alone in the near future.

LOGITECH Z623 Speaker System [Dick Smith, via OzBargain]


  • Oh I don’t know… they may be good speakers but $100.00 for a 2.1 system…?

    • I fail to see how what looks like a pair of 3″ drivers and a 4″ woofer in thin plastic boxes could be considered “good” by any stretch of the imagaination. And how long are manufacturers and retailers going to get away with these ridiculous fake wattage power ratings? 200W RMS my arse. My 30W Vox guitar amp that really is 30W would reduce these toys to rubble with a single chord.

      • While I’m not doubting it’s a dodgy measurement, most of the rating is probably coming from the sub. If you’re a guitarist, you’ll know bass amps have a much higher wattage because lows need more power to be perceived at the same volume.

      • Are you really comparing a guitar amp to desktop PC speakers? They are two completely different things. I have these speakers myself and they are epic. They are loud, home theatre loud and they have a high build quality. Get of your high horse and think before you post. Read the reviews online for this system or use it yourself before making moronic claims

        • The only morons here are those without any reading comprehension or understanding of power output measurements. Yes, an amp is a different thing to an amp. And some watts are different to others. Just like you say. Guess you think the speaker in your phone sounds OK too.

          • you really are clueless, of course your amp will sound better, just like a Ferrari is better than a civic. But for its type of speaker, the one featured in this article is very very good. So as i said before, get of your high horse. and yes i do think my phone speakers sound okay FOR PHONE SPEAKERS. You are so far up yourself im suprised you can see anything written on your screen

          • I can vouch as an owner of a cheap set of Logitech 5.1 Z506 speakers (I got mine on sale for $90.. they are normally $150 RRP according to Logitechs website). They are incredible for their cost. They are no Audiophile speakers, but thats not the market you target with sub $100 speaker sales. As a gamer, movie watcher, and music listener, I have always been pleased with my speaker set, and I’ve even used them as the speaker set for several parties.

            Its all good you have a better AMP, thats great for you, but I plenty know I’d rather a speaker set on my desk than an amp 😉 Don’t diss a product you have had no experience with. Especially one thats $100!

          • exactly this, I use them for gaming and i can tell you playing Battlefield 4 with these speakers……. amazing. I my z506 for my TV and Xbox and they work excellently. the z623’s are amazing. Well worth the purchase. They are some of the best desktop speakers

    • 2.1 thx certified 200 watt system. The sub woofer alone makes it worth it. Its a high quality 2.1 system. I have one myself and it was worth every penny

    • You think that’s expensive? I’ve heard these and for the price they’re pretty good. If they last 5 yrs that’s $20 a year.

  • Up until 30min ago there was a further 10% off. i think $89. Only on mothers day though so i missed out.

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