Zombies, Run! 3 Overhauls The Look, Adds New Stories

iOS/Android: Zombies, Run! is one of the more entertaining ways to get into a running routine, because it attaches a story to your workout. Today, the app was updated with even more stuff, including a brand new look and a whole new set of stories.

The most obvious improvement here is the interface. It’s cleaner and a lot easier to see what’s going on. That also includes some new info, such as detailed specifics about your runs, the game and the music you listened to. The new season comes packed with 60 new missions and a brand new interval training mode so you create your own interval training workouts. It’s not an overhaul of the Zombies, Run! formula by any means, but it should be satiating if you’ve been craving for more. You can snag Season 3 as a $6.49 in-app purchase if you already have the app.

Zombies, Run! ($4.49) [iTunes App Store Zombies, Run! ($3.99) [Google Play]

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