The Slurpee Is Finally Coming To Western Australia

The Slurpee Is Finally Coming To Western Australia

7-Eleven has announced it will be expanding into Western Australia this year, bringing an end to a 37-year Slurpee drought in the region. A projected 75 stores are expected to open in the next five years with the first 11 arriving in 2014. May your Slurpee cup runneth over!

Despite being one of Australia’s largest convenience store chains with over 600 stores across the country, 7-Eleven has yet to make any inroads into the Western Australian market. This is set to change in 2014, with the company preparing a big push into WA in a bid to capitalise on the aftershocks of the mining boom.

“Economic and population growth in Western Australia, and boosted demand for convenience stores in the state, has helped make this expansion a reality,” 7-Eleven CEO Warren Wilmot explained in a statement about the move.

“Consumers have been asking us for some time when we were coming to Perth, because they are desperate for a great fuel and convenience offer. I’m pleased to be able to tell our fans that we’ll see them in WA soon.”

The expansion into WA will be the first time 7-Eleven has entered a new Australian market in more than 30 years. (The company currently operates in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.)

There are plans to open 11 stores this year, followed by a further 64 by 2019. This will include a mix of fuel and standalone convenience stores. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our WA readers to Free Slurpee Day. Hurrah!

If you don’t like frozen beverages, 7-Eleven also sells $1 coffees — this could be a boon in Perth, which consistently has the highest coffee prices in Australia.

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  • I bet that’s what they’re building at Canning Bridge. Looking forward to Slurpee Day!

  • Welcome to the “Silly high prices, blindingly bright lights at 3am and drinks so cold you curl up on the footpath in pain screaming” club my Western brothers.

  • I wish Slurpee would expand into SA but, On The Run dominates service stations with AFAIK all BP and old Mobil outlets are all OTR which has Chill with their 3 flavours and 1 flavour of the month.

  • They also sell Krispy Kreme Donuts, which from my experience flying to and from Perth. West Australians LOVE Krispy Kreme

    • I always feel like a drug mule loading up with Krispy Kremes in Brisbane and flying them to Perth for friends

  • Where is the 7/11 in Perth i use to go to them all the time in the Gold Coast where are they I need my slushy fix please help me

  • Where is the 7/11 in Perth as I seen the add on tv I use to go to them all the time in the Gold Coast as I like the slushy please where is it

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