Windows 8.1 Update Is Rolling Out Now

Windows 8.1 Update, the oddly-named newest version of Windows that makes Windows 8.1 much more friendly to keyboard and mouse users, has officially started rolling out from today. It's a free update for Windows 8.1 (and 8) owners, but you might not see it show up immediately on your system.

Microsoft is pushing out 8.1 Update as a staged rollout, a process which it says might take a few weeks. It's absolutely worth doing if you use anything other than a tablet with Windows 8 (and even in that scenario there's nothing to lose). Welcome back, close button!

Why I love today’s Windows 8.1 Update [Windows Experience Blog]


    Allready installed... Although I thought I'd lost my desktop until I did a proper reboot... :)

    For those of us completely happy using a keyboard in Windows 8.1, does this update include anything beyond UI changes?

      I think there are kernel updates too, but I'm not certain, maybe an expert could chime in, but for the most part it does no harm...! :)

      I've read that you'll need this update to install future security and optional 8.1 updates but can't confirm if this is true or not.

      Also has security and performance fixes, but it's mainly a whole raft of interface improvements.

    A close button for 'modern' apps will be helpful, but I habitually use Alt+F4 to close them after learning that on the first day of Windows 8 Customer Preview. I remain bemused by how passionately some people hold the Start Screen in distaste. I don't get it. The Start Screen is just a stretched out Start Menu; well, in my view. Especially as one can simply start typing and the search function kicks in, it implies people who are habituated to navigating. Just don't get it. But there you go. Takes all types, they tell me.

    You're so right! I hate that when you close an app now it always goes to desktop. There's no longer even an option to close an app and go straight to metro, not even in navigation properties. Why did they take away that option?

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