Use Part Of Your Holidays To Refocus And Plan Your Finances

Use Part Of Your Holidays To Refocus And Plan Your Finances

Getting your financial situation under control is never an easy task. It might be easier if you do some of your financial planning while you’re taking a break from your normal routine. Say, while on holidays.

Picture: Curtis & Renee/Flickr

No one likes the idea of spending their leisure time on productive things, much less on something as soul-sucking as money planning. As personal finance blog Money Ning points out though, the best time to figure out your next financial steps may be while you’re on holidays:

While you’re on vacation, decide to work on your finances, your fitness, or whatever goal you’ve been avoiding. Vacation days are filled with leisure, so you don’t have all the responsibilities of day-to-day life to eat up your time. Commit a small amount of time each day towards the goal, and make it happen. On the last day of your vacation, think about how you’ll integrate your newly found routine into your normal life.

As the site points out, this can also work with other habits you’re trying to get into. Beginning a workout routine while you’re on holidays can be even better, not just because you get a new habit started while you’re out of step with your old ones, but because working out will generally make you feel better during your holidays anyway.

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