The Proper Way To Wash An Electric Blanket

The Proper Way to Wash an Electric Blanket

If you've just pulled a musty electric blanket from the cupboard, it's time to clean it. Clean an electric blanket using a washing machine and a few simple steps.

Photo by Spider.Dog

The key is to make sure you don't leave it in the washing machine for a full cycle — a quick 2-3 minute agitation along with a full rinse and spin does the job.

How to Wash Electric Blankets [Housewife How-Tos]


    tbh i'd rather clean it in the bath like one would do with a sleeping bag.

    And don't - for the love of everything holy, put the controllers in the washing machine! If they don't unclip from the blanket, then it's unplug, and a wet sponge or cloth before putting it out to dry.

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