The Helix Desktop

The Helix Desktop

Erelde's Windows desktop isn't full of bells and whistles — just a visually striking wallpaper and a few widgets to help him keep track of a few things. Here's how to make your computer look like this.

Here's what you'll need if you want to set this up yourself:

  • The Light Arch wallpaper
  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows
  • The Arcs skin for Rainmeter to add the analogue clock in the center of the status wheel
  • The Elementary skin for Rainmeter for the time/date in the upper right
  • The Enigma skin to create the system meters inside the status wheel
  • Fences to show and hide icons on the desktop
  • The Token icon pack to replace some of the icons
  • MusicBee stretched across the bottom of the screen

We can understand the use of two different clocks in this case — the pretty analogue one will be covered up while working, so it's nice to have one up in the upper-right next to the shortcut icons where it's easy to glance at while other apps are open.

Erelde's Windows Desktop


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