Patch Tuesday: The Real Windows XP Problem Begins In A Month

Windows XP death day is here. This week's Patch Tuesday group includes the last-ever patches for the ageing operating system. But that means the real problems begin in a month.

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As we've noted before, the real risk to Windows XP users comes when vulnerabilities are patched in other versions of Windows, highlighting potential exploits that could be used on XP as well. The first time that can (potentially) happen is when May's Patch Tuesday updates are revealed.

April's collection includes four patches, two of which impact Windows and two of which cover Office vulnerabilities.


    Simple, use the operating system to do all the applications or programs that it has always done, but do not have it connected to the internet.

    Well, half the 'real risk' to XP starts next patch Tuesday, as you have indicated.

    The other half starts today - which is the stockpile of exploits that have been discovered but kept under wraps over the last few months just waiting for the day that there will be no more patches.

    XP users worries start today - not in a month. They just get even worse in a month ;-)

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