Noon Pacific For Android Puts Awesome Weekly Playlists On Your Phone

Noon Pacific For Android Puts Awesome Weekly Playlists On Your Phone

Android: We love Noon Pacific, the service that sends you a playlist of fresh music at the same time every week. If you want to take that great music on the go with you, the new Noon Pacific app for Android will do the job perfectly.

The app itself is simple and minimal — when you launch it, the most recent Noon Pacific playlist is front and centre, and the app even hides the notification bar, so all you see is the image, the playback controls and the music. Press play to listen, or tap the settings button to see previous playlists and play one of those. As you listen, the song artist and title are displayed at the top. The best thing about the app is you can play playlist after playlist, and indulge in great, curated music all day if you want.

We mentioned when Noon Pacific launched their iPhone app, and demand for an Android option was high. The new app looks great on Android phones and tablets, and it’s the same price as the iOS version — $1.99. Hit the link below to grab it.

Noon Pacific ($1.99) [Google Play]


  • What genre of music? Fresh like new, or fresh like just…different from last week? How long is the playlist? So many questions.

  • I get the feeling just looking at the app’s google store page, this is not music that i am going to enjoy listening too.

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