mResell Is A New Marketplace For Your Old Apple Gear

mResell Is A New Marketplace For Your Old Apple Gear

As we upgrade our systems or expand our networks, we inevitably end up with a few spare bits and pieces. Australian macworld magazine has teamed up with European reseller mResell to create a local market for used Apple equipment.

The system is quite straightforward if you’re selling. Enter your product serial number on the site, answer a few questions and you’ll get a quote. You send your product in to a local firm called iExperts who make any necessary repairs and complete the product refurbishment.

mResell has drop-off and pick-up services through iExperts in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction Westfield, Penrith Westfield and the Melbourne CBD.

If you’re looking to buy a product, you register your interest and when a suitable item comes in the mResell inventory you’ll be notified.

This all seems a little more structured than eBay or other online auction sites where you can be subject to lots of price volatility. Also, mResell offers warranties on all used items.

mResell and Macworld Partnership [Australian Macworld]

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