MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Cheaper Storage

MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Cheaper Storage

We thought Google Drive’s price drop was impressive (1TB for $US9.99 a month), but, heck, 1TB of space for $US2.50 a month is even better. That’s what MediaFire is offering now to celebrate its launch of new Windows and Mac desktop apps for syncing your files.

MediaFire is one of our favourite online file sharing services, but previously it was only web-based and you had to drag files to upload them. The new desktop apps (now out of beta) provide a syncing folder like other online storage services do. The desktop apps also show notifications on updated shared files and come with a screen clipping tool to quickly share your screenshots.

Sharing is one of MediaFire’s best features. You can “follow” files from other users, track downloads and access to shared files, and also set sharing permissions on specific folders. The file size limit, by the way, is 20GB.

You can sign up for the 1TB plan for $US2.50 a month or save a few bucks with a yearly plan for $US25. Business plans for 100TB of space are also half price at $US24.99 a month. This promotion is running through until the middle of the year and I’m told by a MediaFire rep, that if it’s popular (which it seems to be), the price will stay permanent. (Naturally, it recommends you sign up for the yearly plan.)

MediaFire’s iOS and Android apps are also being updated over the next few weeks to include features such as automatic photo syncing. Read more about the updates at MediaFire’s blog or sign up with the link below.

MediaFire [via IntoMobile]


  • Once their photo support is ready this will be great assuming they do the photo stuff properly, ive yet to find a decent provider for photos that supports syncing.

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