Making The Most Of Limited Space In Your Apartment Or Unit

While it's nice to find a place that has plenty of room for all your odds and ends, sometimes space in one's abode is at a premium. When you've thrown out just about everything you're willing to leave in the hands of hard rubbish vultures, it's time to examine alternative spots to cram your stuff.

Apartment Therapy's Adrienne Breaux has put together a few ideas for maximising your limited options for storage. For instance, placing items you seldom need on high cupboards can be an easy option and if you find you have a spacious living room, it might be worth organising it to serve as two functions — say an entertainment area as well as a home office.

Breaux article contains links to additional resources for the space-conscious, so if you're struggling to find the right balance between keeping all your furniture... without going mad from claustrophobia, it's well worth a read.

Image: Mackenzie Kosut / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

4 Easy Small Space Remedies to Try Today [Apartment Therapy]


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