Hang Cups And Use Wire Racks To Maximise Kitchen Cupboard Space

Hang Cups and Use Wire Racks to Maximise Kitchen Cupboard Space

To maximise the space in the shelves of your kitchen cupboards, designer Chip Cordelli shares two great tips at Real Simple: hang your cups and use wire racks to create mini-shelves.

Shelves within shelves: Use metal risers to separate plates from bowls so you don't have to lift a stack to get to items underneath.

Floating cups: A row of cups looks cozy — as if you're living in your own little bed-and-breakfast — and allows for storage below.

When you're installing the cup hooks, make sure you start at a corner by measuring the first cup. Once it's installed, hang it and then put the second hook for the second cup, so you know the right amount of distance to keep between the two. Keep going till you run out of hooks or cups!

Smart Ideas for Organising Your Kitchen [Real Simple via The Kitchn]


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