Grab Shopping Trolleys From The Parking Lot To Avoid Wobbly Wheels

Grab Shopping Trolleys From The Parking Lot To Avoid Wobbly Wheels

You’ve been there, right? You grab a shopping trolley, you walk a few steps in and realise the wheel is wobbly — but it’s too late to turn back and grab another.

Photo by mingusmutter

A better option is to look through trolleys in the parking lot, says Redditor ooonimrodooo. (This is an American quote, so they call them “carts”, but the point stands):

For the last year or two I have been grabbing a cart from the parking lot before I enter the store. Almost every single time I get a cart that isn’t squeaky, wobbly, or bumpy in any way. My theory is that people ditch all the bad ones while still in the store. So they rarely make it out to the parking lot. It also gives you a chance to test it out before you get inside just to be sure. Plus this also helps the poor souls tasked with wrangling all those abandoned carts from the back of the parking lot.

It makes sense when you think about it — give it a try the next time you drive to the shops.

I just hate squeaky or wobbly carts at the store. Increase your chances of getting a good one. [Reddit]


  • Bs, I work at Foodland, people just dump trolleys willy-nilly, shitty ones end up outside as well. people are lazy enough not to bother returning them, the same as they are lazy enough not to bother changing when they get a dodgy one….this guy has just had a good run on picking trolleys that are probably new or something..

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