Gmail Makes It Easier To Insert Phone Photo Uploads

Want to include a recent photo in that email you're sending from the Gmail web client? That process has become a little easier, with Google adding a new 'Insert photo' button that accesses the photos most recently uploaded from your phone.

The new option only works if you've enabled "Auto Backup" from your phone (Android or iPhone) into Google Drive. (The default setting is to only upload photos over a Wi-Fi network so you won't waste your data allocation, so that's generally a sensible choice.)

There's also an option to insert entire albums if you use Google Photos to sort them. As with most Google updates, this might not appear on your account immediately, but it should show up in the next few weeks.

The photos from your phone, now one click away [Gmail Blog]


    So, Google have added something that's been available on and Windows Phones for 3 years..

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