Geek Out And Get Fit With The Konami Code Workout

Sometimes you need to inject a bit of fun or nerdiness) into exercise to stay challenged and motivated. Just the name of this workout, based on the famous Konami video game code, might be enough to get you moving.

It's easy to remember too. You'll be going up up (two pull-ups), down down (two push-ups), left right left right (lunges left and right), b (Burpee), and a (air squats).

What I particularly like about Nerd Fitness's video instructions above is Steve's demonstrations of easier and harder alternatives to these classic exercise movements. Check out his full post below for more tips and instructions (and for even more fun, themed workouts, these 100+ exercise posters.)

The Greatest Workout Ever Created [Nerd Fitness]


    Haha, interesting idea. Would've been nice to see this on Kotaku too, considering it's more gaming related than most articles.

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