Fix Dents In Car Bumpers With Boiling Water

Fix Dents in Car Bumpers With Boiling Water

There are plenty of car repairs you can do yourself. For example, over at Imgur, user sxpnthr uploaded a guide on how he fixed a car dent with boiling water.

All you need is a teapot of boiling water, rubber gloves so you don't burn yourself and another pot of cold water. Pour the hot water on the dent, and while it's warm, reach from the inside and pop it out. Then, while it's in the original shape, pour cold water so it quickly cools down. Check out the full gallery below for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Just fixed a dent in my bumper [Imgur]


    I just wanted to add this will only work on plastic bumpers. If they're steel, drill a hole in it and place a dynabolt or bolt with large washers through it and use that to pull it out. It is possible heat will soften it too, but in no way too this extent. The cold water may cause it too crack, so avoid that.

    A dent like this should never require a professional panel beater.

    I have been told that a hairdryer will also do thé trick for plastic bumpers.

    For small dents in metal - the suction cup from a go pro is pretty handy. We've popped a few out on friend's cars this way.

    Use a toilet plunger

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