Feasibility Matters More Than Excitement When Giving Great Gifts

Feasibility Matters More Than Excitement When Giving Great Gifts

When you are buying a gift for someone, don’t sacrifice practicality for the “wow factor”. A new study shows that feasibility matters more in how much someone enjoys a present.

Across eight studies, Ernest Baskin of Yale University and his team found that gift givers judge a good gift by what would be desirable, whereas gift receivers judge the same gift by what is feasible. The varying viewpoints mean that the gift you are giving might not be received as well as you thought.

So what’s the solution? The same research paper said that when gives think of their own preference before choosing among gifts, they pick something that is closer to what the receiver wants. Baskin tells Get Rich Slowly:

Think, “If I picked this for myself, what would I like?” You’ll choose something more practical, and wind up giving a more desirable gift if you take step back and ask yourself, “Is this the kind of gift I would want?”

The blog post illustrates this with some great examples, and you can read the full research paper if you’re more interested.

Why Feasibility Matters More to Gift Receivers than to Givers [Journal of Consumer Research via Get Rich Slowly]

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