Dealhacker: Get 10% Off Xbox Live And PSN Cards At Dick Smith

Attention gamers: Dick Smith is offering 10 per cent off all Xbox Live And PSN Cards from tomorrow (29 April). Hers's what to buy with the extra dosh.

PSN and Xbox Live cards aren't discounted as regularly as iTunes cards, so it pays to take advantage whenever you see them on special. The current Dick Smith promotion includes all card denominations, so go nuts! The deal ends 12 May.

If you like playing XBLA and/or PSX games, this is a good way to score some free classics. I personally recommend Beyond Good & Evil HD on Xbox Live Arcade and Pandemonium on PSN. You can find more recommendations on Kotaku here and here for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, respectively.

[Via OzBargain]


    Would love to find the american currency cards on sale!

    Meh, I save more than 10% generally by purchasing from the US Xbox store :)

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