Cloud Patches: AWS & Heartbleed, Azure Goes Multi-Forest

Cloud Patches: AWS & Heartbleed, Azure Goes Multi-Forest

Last week in cloud computing: how Amazon Web Services (AWS) dealt with Heartbleed, and how Azure is extending its directory capabilities.

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  • Amazon says a review of all its cloud services for potential Heartbleed vulnerabilities. The bottom line? Only a handful of services were affected, and AWS has fixed those without requiring customer interventions.
  • Elsewhere in security, AWS is offering free credit for trialling some security products from its online marketplace. More details here.
  • AWS has also reorganised its site to make some of its older EC2 instance types less prominent. Those older options aren’t being killed off, but Amazon is recommending using the newer versions unless you need the older ones for compatibility.
  • Azure Active Directory has added preview support for multi-forest identity synchronisation and password reset writeback. More details here.

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