Clean Old Paintings With A Slice Of Bread

Clean Old Paintings With A Slice Of Bread

Don’t let dust or dirt ruin your favourite paintings. Even with years of grime accumulated on vintage oil paintings, doughy white bread will make them look like new.

The Brick House shares this trick. Just rub the squishy white part of the bread over the painting to suck up all the filth, then use a paintbrush to get the crumbs off. The before (left) and after (right) photo above reveals how good bread is at cleaning. If you need further proof, check out the post below for a picture of the disgusting bagel after it’s done its job.

Cleaning Vintage Paintings [The Brick House via WooHome]


  • That would have to be the ugliest portrait I have ever seen.

    Forget the bread aspect – why would you want to clean this “thing”? It should be destroyed not restored.

    Seriously, it’s hideous.

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