Clean A Cast Iron Frying Pan With Bamboo Skewers

Clean A Cast Iron Frying Pan With Bamboo Skewers

cast iron pot with salt

Salt creates a safe way of scrubbing without using soap and water. In my experience, however, dirty pans take lots of time and lots of salt to do the job completely. After the cleaning, I have a salty mess on the rag and in the sink.

Instead of salt, use a dozen bamboo skewers of they type you might otherwise use for kebabs and bind them together with rubber bands. You can even save used skewers from your next outdoor grill session for this purpose.

Watch the video to see this tip in action, as well as other cleaning tips for your cast iron pot.

How To: Clean Your Cast Iron Pan (including how NOT to) [Instructables]


  • Another way to do this is get a coconut fibre brush from an Asian Grocery Store and scrub the pot under running water after use. The brushes are pretty cheap and last a long time.
    You can use them to clean your well seasoned steel wok too.

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