Change Your YouTube Bookmark To Cut The Fat

Change Your YouTube Bookmark To Cut The Fat

YouTube is starting to tread down that path that many sites do, becoming more and more cluttered until its homepage causes sensory overload. While the Google page has resisted the urge of feature creep, YouTube seemingly hasn’t been able to, and if you’re like me, it’s at the point of avoiding the front page altogether. Here’s one small tip to do just that.

It might not be everyone’s pet peeve, but I hate having “recommended” content shoved in my face. But even worse than that, is not being able to find the content I do want.

By changing your YouTube bookmark, you can be taken directly to your subscriptions page, with no surrounding fluff. No channels YouTube “thought you would like”, no notifications that one of your subscribed channels liked some random video. Purely uploads from people you follow.

Use the following address:

If you’re using Chrome’s default homepage, with its suggested bookmarks, you might also want to click the “X” in the top right of your YouTube bookmark, so your new URL gets a proper fresh start.


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