Can’t Imagine Doing Your Job A Year From Now? Time To Quit

Can’t Imagine Doing Your Job A Year From Now? Time To Quit

Conflicted about whether it’s worth sticking with your current employer? If the thought of still doing that job a year from now makes you unhappy, it might be time to move on.

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Management advisers Jack and Suzy Welch offer that idea in a discussion on LinkedIn about when you should realise that your current job isn’t cutting it:

Can you picture yourself at your company in a year? We use that time frame because that’s how long it usually takes to find a new, better job once you decide to move on. So peer, as best you can, into the future, and predict where you’ll be in the organization, what work you’ll be doing, whom you will be managing, and who will be managing you. If that scenario strikes you with anything short of excitement, then you’re spinning your wheels. Or put another way, you’re just about to stay too long.

In a less senior role, it might well take less than a year to find a better position. That, we’d argue, is even more reason to consider moving on. Hit the link for more discussion of indicators that it might be time to quit.

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