Briefly: PS4 Update Arrives, ACCC Smashes 'Byron Bay' Beer, Measuring All Things

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: VB maker fined $20k for fake 'Byron Bay' beer, PS4 gets new software update, how many things are there in the universe?

  • How many things are there in the universe? And what constitutes a "thing", anyway? This interesting video attempts to answer both questions.
  • There's a new Game of Thrones video game coming, and this one actually has a good chance of not sucking. Click here to read an in-depth New York Times report.
  • VB maker Carlton & United Breweries has been slugged with a $20,000 fine by the ACCC for advertising a 'Byron Bay' beer that's actually made 600km away from the town. Byron Bay Pale Ale falsely claimed to be brewed on Skinners Shoot Road in Byron Bay. Read the full report here.
  • In other ACCC news, Melbourne-based telecommunications company Zone Telecom has paid a $20,400 infringement notice for making telemarketing calls to telephone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register. When will they ever learn?
  • Sony has just released a new softward update for its PlayStation 4 video game console. The 1.70 update ushers in a range of new features including a SHAREfactory app for video recordings and a Steam-style pre-loading system for pre-ordered games.


    "softward" well sounds more pleasant than 'northward'

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