Briefly: PS4 Sex Scandal, Eduardo Saverin On Zuckerberg, Cheap Dell Monitors

Briefly: PS4 Sex Scandal, Eduardo Saverin On Zuckerberg, Cheap Dell Monitors

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: 30 per cent off Dell UltraSharp monitor, PlayStation 4 camera causes multiple sex scandals, the real-life Eduardo Saverin.

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  • If you caught The Social Network on TV last night, you’re probably curious about the real-life Eduardo Saverin who was memorably played by Andrew Garfield. This fascinating interview gives some insights into Saverin’s character and post-Facebook career. (He also confirms that he never threw a laptop at Mark Zuckerberg, as shown in the movie.) You can also find out more details about his infamous ejection from the company here.
  • Playroom is a video program for the PlayStation 4 which lets you record yourself playing games live on the internet. Naturally, it has since been appropriated by sex exhibitionists and amateur porn stars. You really should have seen that coming Sony. [NSFW, natch]
  • This week was World Health Day, apparently. To commemorate the occasion, PopSugar Health & Fitness has named and shamed five foods that you should never go near.
  • US researchers have developed a new technique for simulating the ageing of faces over nearly eight decades. The method requires only one initial photograph and the results are startling.
  • There are music fans and then there’s Isac Walter who wore a different band T-shirt for 1000 days in a row. Click here to see the photos.
  • Dell is currently selling its 24 UltraSharp U2414H monitor for just $286, which is 30 per cent off the regular asking price. The 23.8-inch monitor features the world’s thinnest border, two HDMI ports and inbuilt USB 3.0. [Via OzBargain]


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