Briefly: Game of Thrones Meets Amazon, goCatch Two-Up Discount

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including Amazon Prime's HBO shenanigans and a goCatch ANZAC discount.

Picture: Getty Images

  • Still feeling annoyed that Game of Thrones isn't available fresh off iTunes in Australia this year? Over at Gizmodo, I've discussed how Australians aren't the only ones being screwed..
  • Taxi booking app goCatch is offering a two-up based discount. If you win the two-up game on the site, you score $5 of credit to use in the app. (There's a ceiling of $80,000 being given away in total, only one win per account, and of course that $5 only just covers the flagfall, but hey . . .)
  • Tickets for this year's EB Expo have gone on sale. Kotaku has all the details.


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