Australians Are Using 1000 Times More Data Than In 2006

So this is why your 4G connection is feeling slower as time passes: Aussies love mobile broadband way too much. A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) clarifies just how much: we’re using 1000 times more mobile data than we were in 2006.

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That usage rate is predicted to rise at 38 per cent each year through to 2017, when we’ll collectively be using 81.1 petabytes of data each month. We’re hotspot addicts and we need to admit it.

ACMA also calculates that the value of “saved time” from using mobile broadband was worth $26.5 billion to Australia’s economy of 2013, saving 2.3 per cent of employee time.

I am deeply suspicious of these kinds of figures, just as I am of figures which suggest that people faffing around online at work “cost” us millions of dollars. Both rely on the assumption that every second of the day has to be dedicated to workplace-enhancing productivity. In reality, sometimes we’re going to end up staring out the window for much longer than the time we saved by answering an email on the train — and that’s OK.

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