Apple Opens Up OS X Beta Testing To All Users

Apple Opens Up OS X Beta Testing To All Users

If you’re curious about new features coming to OS X Mavericks, Apple has opened up the beta testing to anyone with an Apple ID so you can now download the latest builds without a developer account.

All you need to do is head to the sign up form and log in with your Apple ID. From there, you’re taken to a download section where you’ll grab a utility that keeps you up to data on all the beta downloads. Once you’re in, you can check out Mavericks pre-release builds before they’re released.

OS X Beta Seed Program [via TechCrunch]


  • I love apple as much as the next guy (or moreso, as I’m tying on a Mac wireless keyboard with a magic touchpad connected to my macbook air) but Apple can’t even get significant bugs out of their actual releases (e.g. SMB2 problems, Gmail issues, glitchy audio). The only thing that could possibly get me to rush to a beta would be if they replaced Finder with something not awful. I’d take a small mountain of other bugs to have that horror show redone.

    • And get rid of the dock too. I hardly use it. I use Launchpad and Spotlight to find/open apps. There’s Alfred and Launchbar for others.

      • I don’t mind the dock (Although I always use spotlight to open Apps as well) but I can understand why you’d want to get rid of it.
        I think what I want it something between Fedora and OSX. Mostly I love OSX; much more than I have any Linux dist I’ve used. However, the ‘we know best’ approach of Apple does cause me pain sometimes. Where’s the hotkey to lock my computer? Oh, there isn’t one? I can’t add one? Thanks Apple. Or not wanting Control-Click to be right-click. I want to be able to multiple-select in a Windows remote connection, but there is no way to disable it.

        • I’m unfamiliar with all the different flavours of Linux although I did have a quick look at Fedora on YT and it seems nice and quite pared back.

          Right-click for Magic Mouse/Trackpad can be enabled in System Preferences. 😉 But yeah, it’s stubborn of Apple to not have right enabled by default, particularly for switchers. I presume Apple holding onto the control+click is a legacy thing.

          With the introduction of Mavericks, Finder has moved in the right direction re. tabs, labelling and something else, however these “new” features have been around in third-party Finder apps for a while e.g. Pathfinder. I just wish Apple could rethink and rebuild Finder from the ground up.

          • I’ve used a few, mainly because I’ve developed on a few different platforms. I really like Linux, but it just isn’t sufficiently polished for me to want to use it for everything (and I can’t use it to run photoshop or illustrator).

            Like you, I’ve enabled right-click through the preferences but it is just the inability to get rid of that ‘legacy’ behaviour that drives me crazy.

            Adding tabs was an improvement, but to be honest I do just use Path Finder 90% of the time. The main frustration is that in certain integrated settings you are basically stuck with Apple’s awful finder.

            That said, there are many things I really like about OSX: expose, the multiple desktop support, and many many others.

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