App Config Changes System Settings Based On The App You're Using

= Android: Ever find yourself manually changing volume, turning on Bluetooth or adjusting brightness for certain apps? App Config automatically tweaks settings like these as soon as an app is opened.

App Config is very simple to use: It gives you a list of installed apps, you pick one and set certain settings to your preferences. App Config will then automatically change those settings when that app is opened. For example, you could:

  • Automatically lower the volume to a reasonable level when you open your music player (so you don't blow out your ears)
  • Automatically turn on Bluetooth when you open navigation (so you can use your phone hands-free)
  • Set your brightness low when you open a blindingly white app

The paid version allows for extra tweaks, such as system-wide settings, settings for launchers, the option to start at boot time and an option to hide the persistent notification. It also removes the ads.

Check out the app's Google Play page below for a full list of settings you can tweak, and watch the video above to see it in action.

App Config Free [Google Play Store via XDA Developers Blog] App Config ($2.78) [Google Play Store]


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