Why You May Need To Stop Watching Game Of Thrones

Why You May Need To Stop Watching Game Of Thrones

If you’re a fan of both the Game Of Thrones TV show and the fantasy books it is based on, we have some troubling news for you. Yesterday, Season 4 officially crossed over into uncharted territory, revealing plot details and characters that have yet to show up in the actual books (George R. R. Martin is still in the process of writing them y’see). You now have the unenviable choice of spoiling future books or blacklisting the TV show entirely.

Without giving too much away, Episode 4 of Game Of Thrones unloaded a treasure trove of previously unknown information about the villainous Others; including their leader, stronghold and the manner in which they are created.

All of this has been kept a deliberate mystery in the books and long-term fans are understandably peeved at HBO’s leap-frogging adaptation. After all, the show is supposed to be approximately halfway through book 3, which should make it a spoiler-free zone. [Note: while the show often deviates from the source material, these have all been pure inventions in the past. Last night’s reveal was different in that it deals with plot details that will eventually figure in the books.]

Presumably, this story thread will be advanced as the rest of the season unfolds, which means even more spoilers may be on the horizon. In other words, it’s time to decide which you love more: the books or the show? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments section below.

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  • I dont like it but hey, that’s me.

    I don’t mind the fact they have altered Brans story and i can put with the fact that they put a Bolten in the nights watch to kill a Stark but the last straw was seeing something that i was hoping to read =(

  • Interesting. The folks who read the books have always been smug and liked to deliver spoilers, but are a little bit sad when they have a ‘spoiler’ from the author? Surely the fact that George chose to share that information means it’s not a spoiler?

  • There are lots of good books to read and not many great TV shows, So for me I will stick to the show. I heard the books were just average anyway. I would hate to read them and have it spoil one of the best TV shows ever. 🙂

  • Stop pretending spoilers are the end of the fantasy world. I wasn’t pissed when I read about Catelyn Stark’s death and resurrection, I was pumped.

  • If George had gotten off his ass and written the books in time, this wouldn’t even be an issue! Screw the books, they’ve already gotten boring as hell. The TV show all the way – at least the TV show works to a deadline.

  • I’m happy to watch the TV show then go back and read the books, even knowing what i will then know.

    The books aren’t going anywhere.

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