This Video Is A Primer To Gym Etiquette

When you sign up for a gym membership, no one tells you the etiquette around using the equipment.This entertaining video from I Am Alpha M shows you the ropes.

Some of these things are common sense if you’re at all a considerate person (put your weights away when you’re finished with them, keep your voice down, don’t hog the equipment when others clearly want a turn), but others may be new to you if you’ve never spent any time in a gym. For example, every gym I’ve ever visited still has that one guy who loves to drop his weights so they slam on the ground when he’s done a set — don’t do that. Similarly, remember to wipe up your cardio equipment with paper towels or sanitary wipes after you use them — you wouldn’t want to get on a damp, sweaty elliptical, so don’t subject other people to the same fate.

Another thing the video notes is to pay attention to what you wear. Most of us work out in what’s comfortable to us, but remember jeans or clothes with buckles and fasteners can damage vinyl coverings on equipment. Similarly, make sure your shoes are clean before you head into the gym — don’t track in dirt or mud. Hit the link below to read more, or just press play on the video.

Gym and Fitness Center Etiquette [I Am Alpha M]


  • I’ve seen the gym junkies break all of these rules way more flagrantly and more often than the uninformed amateurs. I think some people get a wrongful sense of entitlement and ownership once they reach a certain muscle to weight ratio.

  • My pet peeve is people sitting on equipment facebooking on the phone for 5 minutes between their 30 second sets. I go to a little express gym, so a lot of the equipment doesn’t have double ups. So when someone is sitting there facebooking or snapchatting, nobody else can do that exercise.

    • Maybe they are focusing on maximal strength and waiting for their CNS to fully recover.

      LOL jks, they’re just jerks.

      This is where you have to be assertive and ask to work in. If you don’t ask to work in, then it is nobodies fault but your own.

  • The beard on that guy in the background could easily bench press 100kg without a sweat.

    (And this guy shouldn’t be shouting in the gym. That’d piss me off!)

    The gym can be intimidating for some, so when someone is standing near the machine you want to use, you could be (un)intentionally intimidating them. If you’re done with a machine, step away and leave a good distance, because standing next to a machine is sometimes the same as being on the machine.

  • My pet peeve is definitely people not stripping their plates or putting the dumbbells back. If a bar has plates on it I assume it is still being used but often that’s not the case.

    The video forgot the number 1 gym etiquette rule though. NO SQUATS IN THE CURL RACK! ;-P

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