90Night Sets Alarm By Best Wake-Up Times For Refreshing Sleep

90Night Sets Alarm By Best Wake-Up Times For Refreshing Sleep

Android: A full 90-minute sleep cycle can ensure you wake up energised. 90Night makes it simpler for you to get this sleep by letting you choose the best time to wake up.

The free Android app asks you to input the time you want to sleep and accordingly gives you a screen with different timings based on the 90-minute cycle. Choose the time you want and 90Night will automatically set an alarm for it.

In the app’s settings, you can also add the amount of time it usually takes you to fall asleep so that 90Night can take that into account when giving you timings. Overall, it is a much easier process than setting an alarm yourself.

The app also works the other way around so that you can set the time you want to wake up and 90Night will give you options for what time you should go to sleep.

90Night (Free) [Google Play Store]


  • What nonsense . These sleep cycle oriented apps are a waste of time and have no scientific basis at all, dispute sounding scientific.

    Turn your lights out earlier, drink less coffee, eat healthier and try to develop a healthier attitude towards sleep. That’s what you need, not some stupid app with a quick-fix promise that’s not backed by anything.

  • When you go to bed you never know how long it will take you to go to sleep. That throws off any calculations of optimal sleep times you may make. If the app could determine when you fell asleep and adjusted your wake-up time accordingly, then it might be useful.

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