Why We’re Using More Managed Security Services

Why We’re Using More Managed Security Services

Managed security services provide an opportunity to improve your IT security without having to invest heavily in on-premises equipment. However, it seems the main reason we’re adopting them is a more pragmatic one: there simply aren’t enough security experts to go around.

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Forrester Research analyst Manatosh Das has been researching the adoption of managed security within the Asia-Pacific region. A key driver turns out to be a lack of available staff with security skills:

Scarce internal security skills and a dearth of deep technical specialists in the labor pool are ongoing challenges for organisations around the world. This not only raises the cost of staffing and severely restricts efficiency, it may also increase the costs of security breaches by giving cybercriminals more time to carry out attacks undetected.

Two lessons there: training in IT security isn’t a bad idea, and we’re less worried by the idea of outsourcing security than we used to be.

Adoption Of Managed Security Services Is On The Rise In Asia Pacific [Forrester Blogs]


  • LOL… So.. There’s no stats, or anything.. And then when you click through twice, you can buy a report for $500. What kind of model is that.. “Yeah we’re telling the truth but to find out why and confirm it in your own mind will cost you half a grand”.

    All I know for sure is, we just hired a dedicated security person, and I am unsure what anyone outside the business or without on site hardware could realistically accomplish, or how effective it could be at any given purpose.

    It does make sense for cloud product… But then I also think you largely base your confidence in adoption of “the cloud” on your extensive time with Microsoft sales and relations people.. Who have a clear vested interest in convincing everyone that corporate and enterprise customers are no longer concerned with putting their services and data offsite..

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