Make Booze-Ups Interesting With The ‘Mullet Glass’

The mullet hairstyle is perhaps best known for popularising the phrase “business in the front, party in the back.” Now you can bring the same bogan-friendly concept to your glassware via this quirky DIY hack.

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The ‘mullet glass’ is a gloriously tacky double-sided drinking receptacle that’s designed to fulfill all your alcoholic needs. The brainchild of blogger Brit Morin, it’s essentially a shot glass and tumbler in one. The drinker simply uses the end that suits their tipple of choice. Genius!

To create your own mullet glass, all you need is a set of cheap tumblers and shot glasses, along with a tube of clear hardware glue or epoxy adhesive.

“We went with plastic [tumblers] because we felt it would be lighter on top, and wide enough to be sturdy on the bottom,” Brit explains on her blog.

“For the shot glasses, they’re easy enough to find at a dollar store but we love the idea of repurposing all those souvenir shot glasses we’ve picked up along the way.

“Apply a thin but full-coverage layer of glue to the bottom rim of the shot glass. Press the bottom of the shot glass to the bottom center of the regular glass, and hold for one minute. Use a toothpick or popsicle stick to clean up any glue that oozes out.”

Brit recommends allowing the glue to set for 24 hours to avoid the social faux pas of disintegrating glassware. The only downside is that your hard-drinking chums may ignore the shot glass end altogether — which means you’re going to run out of liquor pretty quickly!

[Via Brit+Co]

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