Use Conditioner To Avoid Discomfort From Shaving Your Crotch

Use Conditioner To Avoid Discomfort From Shaving Your Crotch

If you’re shaving down there for your own benefit or your partner’s, Thought Catalogue reader skootch_ginalola suggests you should use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream for a smooth, clean shave.

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When shaving your private areas (male or female), wet the area and the razor, ignore soap/shaving cream/gel and go straight for the hair conditioner. Shave as normal. Skin will be baby smooth with no ingrown hairs or bumps. Learned this from a stripper when I asked if she had to constantly get Brazilian waxes. Can also be used to shave legs, facial hair or shave a guy’s head.

I used to shave my face this way and it does work well, save one little problem: conditioner will gunk up the blade a lot faster. You have to make sure to clean it thoroughly afterwards and know you might be replacing said blade sooner as a result. Still, it seems like a cost worth incurring for a clean, smooth, comfortable crotch.

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  • Try Dove soap free bodywash, same effect without gunking up the razor as much.

  • Great for men with tough beards, too. Famously, good advice given by Harlan Ellison to Neil Gaiman.

  • thumbs up for waxing … after a few days it just gets too prickly.
    Ask your partner to pay for it … you will both get somethign out of it ;-D

    BTW a lot of shavers put conditioner on their beard when they get out of the shower so it softens it. You dont need much and can lather straight over it.
    Cartridge razors suck with clogging/ingrowns etc … Double-Edge shaving is much better in that respect. Also can be much milder than cartridge and you can shave your legs with it etc.

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