Use A Wooden Comb For Healthier Static-Free Hair

Use A Wooden Comb For Healthier Static-Free Hair

Chances are most of us (that have hair anyway) use plastic combs. They’re cheaper and, well, they’re combs. What’s there to improve on, right? According to Man Made DIY, a wooden comb comes with plenty of benefits. Plus you can make your own!

Wooden combs, in addition to looking better, do not generate any static like their plastic brethren. The fibres in the wood also help to spread the natural oils around for healthier hair.

The biggest downside to a wooden comb is that they can be pricier than the plastic one you bought at the local discount shop. However Instructables has a guide to how to make your own wooden comb. Obviously, doing that is going to require some woodworking skills and tools, but if you can manage that, you’ll have a classy comb that will last a long time.

How to: Make Your Own Hardwood Comb [ManMade DIY]

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