Undo Your Partner's Bra With Your Left Hand For Easier Removal

Undo Your Partner's Bra with Your Left Hand for Easier Removal

Some people are just not gifted with bra unlocking powers — it's like they're held in place by evil magic forces. Here's one tip that will make it a lot easier: use your left hand.

Photo by Sean Murray

According to some folks on Reddit this one takes the cake. Due to the way most bra clasps are oriented, they're actually easier to remove with your left hand than your right, even if you're right-handed. So the next time you're fumbling around like an idiot, switch hands and see if that makes any difference.

LPT: Use your left hand to undo your SO's bra. [Reddit]

Bra strap removal. Is this a basic skill? [Reddit]


    C'mon - how many people reading/posting on Reddit have actually touched a bra? …

    I met a fellow Australian during my travels to Bolivia and he taught some of us how to undo a bra with one swift movement and only three fingers. The only real trick, though, is that your thumb needs to be on the outer layer of the connection. If you were standing behind a woman you would probably use your right hand.

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