Turn An Old Xbox Controller Into A Dog Leash

Turn An Old Xbox Controller Into A Dog Leash

Xbox controllers: people love them for gaming, but why not extend that fondness to walking dogs and picking up their crap? That’s what Instructables user mikeasaurus decided to do, and he ended up creating one of the most ridiculously awesome ways to repurpose a gaming device.

By replacing the actual controller cable with paracord and a carabiner, you can easily attach your dog to the controller for a comfortable two-hand grip. But on top of that, hollowing out the insides makes it possible to fit a bag dispenser to turn this silly repurposing trick into something actually practical. If you want to make one of these for yourself using an Xbox controller that’s collecting dust in your house, it doesn’t take much time or effort. Hit the full post on Instructables for the complete how-to.

Game controller dog leash [Instructables]


  • The most important question that’s not answered in this article…. Does the dog respond to the button presses ? LEFT LEFT BACK RIGHT DOWN

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