The Breastfeeding Supplies You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

The Breastfeeding Supplies You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

We all know having and raising a baby is expensive, but so many baby supplies pushed at parents are just not necessary — and that includes accessories for nursing mums. US News rounded up several breastfeeding items that are a waste of money.

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Among them are nursing clothing, such as tops or bras with special pull-down areas, as well as nursing covers. You can easily convert an old sports bra into a nursing bra yourself, the article suggests, or use a large scarf as your cover up instead of a fancy nursing cover.

Similarly, instead of buying “special” bags for freezing breast milk, regular freezer bags will do.

I have to admit, I bought into the whole nursing (and baby) accessories industry and now have a lot of useless tank tops with hidden holes in them.

Hit up the link below for more avoidable breastfeeding supplies.

6 Ways to Cut Your Breasfeeding Bill [US News]


  • A few things struck me as odd in this post, but were cleared up when I read the full article.

    It recommends foregoing/DIY hands-free pumping bras (which I don’t think are all that common here in Australia anyway), not nursing bras as this post suggests, which have special pull-down areas and are usually soft cup to ensure a comfortable fit.

    And again, instead of just using freezer bags instead of milk storage bags, they actually suggest portioning the milk in ice-cube trays first and using the bags to store the frozen cubes.

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