Taste Test: V Kaboom! And Mother Revive Energy Drinks

Taste Test: V Kaboom! And Mother Revive Energy Drinks
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Kaboom! and Revive are two new limited-edition energy drinks from V and Mother, respectively. Here’s the obligatory taste-test from Lifehacker’s resident caffeine expert Chris Jager.

It’s always a very special day when a new energy drink comes out. At least, it is to me. (Some people get excited about new car models; I prefer the simpler things in life.) On the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of not one, but two new limited-edition flavours: V Kaboom! And Mother Revive. For energy drink addicts like myself, this is like Christmas and News Year’s Eve landing on the same day.

In a curious marketing snafu, the predominant colour on both cans is white, which implies some kind of cross-flavouring promotion. In reality, the design choice was purely coincidental and the products actually taste nothing alike.

As has become de rigueur for “Xtreme!”-style energy drinks, both Kaboom! and Revive have flavour-free names that give zero indication as to what the beverage actually tastes like. In other words, you’re forced to play Russian Roulette with your taste buds. Luckily, this is something I derive a sick thrill from.

V Kaboom!

V has a chequered history when it comes to introducing new flavours — /”Not Orange” had a hyper-sugary taste that reminded us of liquefied jelly beans, while “Graphite/” just tasted like Mother.

Kaboom! falls into the same syrupy category as “Not Orange”, which is to say some people will find it too sweet. Apart from that one caveat, it’s actually not too bad. Like all V drinks, the chief flavour of Kaboom! is hard to define — the first sip has a citrusy element, but this quickly gives way to a sugary wallop that reminded me of those 20 cent bubble gum sticks that used to come with temporary rub-on tattoos. This gives the flavour a sprinkling of nostalgia that any ex-lolly addict will be sure to enjoy.

That’s a pretty small niche, however. For many people, V Kaboom! will taste overly sweet and slightly weird. But if you’re still a kid at heart the flavour is oddly infectious. (If you’re not a fan of sweet drinks, knock a point off the below score.)

Score: 7/10

Mother Revive

As its name implies, Mother Revive appears to be targeted at a more mature audience than the kiddy-sounding Kaboom! This is reflected in the taste, which has a subtle lemon-lime flavour that is highly reminiscent of Red Bull Silver Edition. In other words, it’s better suited to mixing with alcohol and wont give you a toe-curling sugar overload.

That said, there’s something a bit boring about Mother Revive. There’s nothing new or exciting about the flavour — it’s just another lime-inspired energy drink. By contrast, V Kaboom! is weird and subversive. While I didn’t flat-out love either concoction, I’ll probably be returning to V Kaboom! first; if only because it’s different.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense energy drink that can be enhanced with a splash of vodka, Mother Revive is vastly preferable to V Kaboom! People who prefer muted flavours should add another point to the below score.

Score: 6/10

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What’s your energy drink of choice? Share your suggestions in the comments section below — the more caffeine they contain, the better!


  • I tried the Mother Revive the other day and it’s different than the others in the Mother line but i didn’t like that much.

    I like the one in the green can, not sure what it’s called but it has natural caffeine as opposed to harsh chemicals in the original?

      • Chris in article:
        “V has a chequered history when it comes to introducing new flavours… while “Graphite” just tasted like Mother. “

        “I was surprised to find I enjoyed the green Mother too… until I realized that it tastes pretty much like regular V.”

        Missed the irony until re-reading article.

    • I was surprised to find I enjoyed the green Mother too… until I realized that it tastes pretty much like regular V.

      And yeah, I’m not a fan of Revive either. It tastes a lot like how I imagine lemon-scented dishwashing liquid would taste.

    • My favourite energy drink was the purple pulse halo V that was released in 2012. It sucks that it was a limited edition.

  • Might give revive a go, but in all else, sticking with Red Eye. Sadly, it requires a trip to a supermarket instead of a corner shop.

    • Yes! Red-Eye FTW. Although they were guilty of the “flavour-free names that give zero indication as to what the beverage actually tastes like” right from the start…

  • I haven’t tried Kaboom. But i have tried Revive, I honestly love the tea flavour…it’s like a soft fizzy iced tea with a little lemon lime tang…nice for sipping, not skulling. I will be sure to try it with vodka someday.

    Also, i like the name…being a gamer ‘Revive’ is something i consider very handy to have in my inventory :p

  • @manshrew That halo purple drink was the best, I actually drove out of my way to find those. If V brought that back as a permanent flavour I’d be very happy.

    • Oh god yes! I remember getting free 4 pack of that at the Halo midnight launch. I went back the next day and asked what it would take to get some more of them. =P

  • This stuff is the only reason I’m able to get through architecture school. Keep the new flavours coming

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