Taste Test: McDonald’s French Toast Fingers Are A Syrupy Non-Indulgence

McDonald’s has updated its breakfast menu with a range of new items, including the “snack-sized” French Toast Fingers. Our taste buds gingerly investigate…

Positioned as a snack-sized alternative to McDonald’s Hot Cakes, the French Toast Fingers comprises four French toast fingers and a side of Hot Cake syrup for $3.95. (At first glance, there seems to be five fingers on the poster, but one of them has just been broken in half. Tch.)

As an added bonus, the meal comes encased in a dinky cardboard box with a separate compartment for the syrup. We’re unashamed to admit that this caused us to coo in a manner usually reserved for fluffy kittens:

With its quartet of modestly-sized fingers and economical price tag, the product has all the hallmarks of a light snack. However, the nutritional information tells a different story.

The energy count for a single serve comes in at a slightly worrying 2010kJ — and that’s before you add the syrup. The real total is 2770kJ which is more than double the kilojueles of a Bacon & Egg McMuffin. In other words, this is a far naughtier breakfast than the serving size suggests. So how does it look and taste?

Upon opening the box, we were mildly disappointed by how overcooked the fingers were — they weren’t quite burnt but they weren’t far off it either. This gave them a slightly bitter flavour that didn’t really gel with the syrup and dusted sugar. Apart from that one caveat, I actually didn’t mind the taste — the insides have a suitably soft and fluffy texture which I vastly prefer to McDonald’s stodgy Hot Cakes.

As you’d expect, these things teeter on the edge of being too sweet; especially if you add the syrup. That said, if you usually find McDonald’s food to be too bland, expect to be pleasantly surprised. On the downside, I can’t say that the French Toast Fingers filled me up — and I’m usually stuffed after a single McMuffin. In other words, you’re basically indulging in a calorie-loaded meal without the satiation payoff.

For this reason, we feel unable to wholeheartedly recommend McDonald’s French Toast Fingers. On the other hand, if you have a sweet-tooth and feel like trying something new, $3.95 isn’t too terrible a price to pay.

Score: 6/10

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