Start Your Online Content Creating With Patreon

Start Your Online Content Creating With Patreon
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We’ve all got something to offer, and many toy with the idea of starting a blog, or YouTube channel, or podcast, but never really get started. Patreon won’t help with the initial intimidation (perhaps the opposite), but it does answer the rather important question of “Will this be worth my time?”

Creating content online is now a massive undertaking to do properly. No matter what you’re targeting, there’s a good six months of community building to look forward to before you can even dream of a sizeable amount of people seeing what you do. That’s without considering the probability that there are many others out there doing the same thing, with established subscriber bases. And on a whole other level is the nigh-impossible notion of making money from your content.

The point about being lost in a sea of noise is something Patreon attempts to address, though — much of existing content is throwaway. It’s very hard to justify high quality, well-produced content on YouTube when the dollars coming in are so few and far between. But for those willing to accept the patronage of others, Patreon will link you up with potential donors to make your time spent worthwhile.

It’s a bit like Kickstarter for an ongoing project, whether that be making music, or game reviews. There are even rewards for those who donate more, limited only by the creativity of the auteur. If dedicating the amount of time to create quality content was intimidating before, it’s possibly even moreso when you’re asking for money from other real people, but that might be just the motivation you need. And if you’re confident in your content, then it certainly helps to know your time won’t be spent for nothing.