Smoking Can Decrease Your Penis Size, And Other Penile Facts

While I wouldn’t say that everything you know about penises is wrong, this video from the folks at Buzzfeed definitely includes some interesting facts about it, like the fact that smoking can decrease your penis size by a centimeter, how doctors can use foreskins as skin grafts, and more.

If you ever needed a reason to quit smoking, this video offers one up (although a centimeter isn’t really a lot, we suppose), but it’s the other facts that are more interesting, like the fact that the foreskin can be used to create skin grafts, or the fact that erections don’t just occur naturally at inconvenient times, but they also happen to fetuses in the womb and — more oddly — to dead people. That doesn’t make them any less awkward if you get one at an inopportune moment, but at least you’ll know it’s completely natural.

Everything You Know About Penises Is Wrong [YouTube (Buzzfeed Video)]


  • There is nothing interesting about the facy that baby foreskins are used to make skin grafts.
    It is disgusting, not interesting.
    Circumcision is torture, just watch a circumcision video and you will see what I mean. Its not a babys job to sacrifice part if their body to help others. Thats illegal organ donation because the baby sure as hell didnt consent to donating their foreskin.

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