Select All Text With The Same Formatting In Word

Select All Text With The Same Formatting In Word

If you ever want to change the style of all the headings or captions in a document, bold all the italicised text, or otherwise fine-tune the formatting of your document in one swoop, Microsoft Word has a setting for that.

Highlight some text with the formatting you want to change, then in the Editing menu, go to Select > “Select all text with similar formatting.” Then you can style as you wish. (This is a feature also in Google Docs , by the way.)

Already knew that, Microsoft Word maven? Perhaps one of the other nineteen overlooked Word features outlined at PC Authority will teach you something new. For example, if you click the tiny pop-out icon of the Clipboard on the Home tab, you can select up to 24 items saved in that panel. Handy! Also check out our guide to settings to change when you first install Word.

How to: 20 features you’ve never used in Word [PC Authority]


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