Rooster Makes Books Bite-Size For People Too Busy To Read

Rooster Makes Books Bite-Size For People Too Busy To Read

iOS: If you really wish you could read more often but feel like you don’t have time, Rooster is a new service that takes great novels and breaks them into bite-sized chunks you can digest on your commute, during a break, before bed, or anywhere you have a few spare minutes.

Rooster is part reading app and part ebook service. It will set you back $US5/mo, but for your subscription cost you get two books per month, broken down into bite-sized chunks and snippets that you can enjoy in brief interludes. The content of the book isn’t compromised; the books are intelligently split into chapters, passages and other snippets that you can read in as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

You set the schedule — for example, you can say you want to get some reading done during your coffee break every other day, and Rooster will present you just enough to read during that break. As with any good reading app, you can tweak the text size, font and background colour. The service has only just launched, and signing up gets you your first two books, Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Rachel Kadish’s I Was Here.

Each month, the service will release a new classic and contemporary title, eventually expanding into other genres. Right now the service is iOS-only and you have to request an email invite, but an Android version is in the works. Hit the link below to give it a whirl.



  • Rooster Makes Books Bite-Size For People Too Busy To ReadYeah… see now this, is the slippery slope to global stupidity…! 🙂

  • I feel like an idiot now for merely cracking open a book and reading it for however long the situation allows…

  • Sounds like that joke about the Reader’s Digest version of War and Peace:
    “Napoleon tries to invade Russia. He fails”

  • I always thought one of the main advantages of an ebook reader is that it remembers where you are in the text.

    Surely the problem if you need this service is not that you are too busy to read. It is that your memory has deteriorated to the point where you can’t remember where you are up to on a page.

    Heck, at the moment I’m partway through about six different books, two paper and four ebooks, and read whichever one is handiest at any given time. I can understand why some people might have trouble with that, but ONE BOOK?

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