RoomScan Draws A Floor Plan When You Hold Your iPhone Against The Wall


iOS: You might need a floor plan of a room but you don’t always have one handy. If you can’t ask for one and don’t want to go through all the trouble of drawing it yourself, an incredibly clever app called RoomScan can draw one for you in about a minute.

How? You just tap the phone against a wall, wait for a beep, and then tap it against another wall. As you move around the room you’ll see your phone draw the floor plan. When you’re all done, it will make some corrections to what you’ve accomplished by tapping and give you a finished image. It’s really smart, easy to use, and available free of charge on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

RoomScan (Free) [iTunes App Store via Gizmodo via SlashGear]


  • I saw this app last weekend, downloaded and tried it. I happened to be doing some renovations in the office at work that created a new room out of two other rooms. I needed to measure that new room and then do a layout of furniture and desks etc.

    I would score this app 3/10 at best. It works sorta OK for small rooms. My room was 8.6m x 3.4m and the app could not cope with the “long edge” on that room. It kept saying “Room Scan works best when you move quickly between walls…” Even walking at brisk pace. So i tried it running between the walls… then it complained “Room Scan works best when you take slow steady paces between walls…. ” I did get some room-plans from the app but walls were not connecting, there were short walls… basically useless.

    So I ended up going old school and using the tape measure to get exact measurements and mapped it down to scale on some graph paper… took me back to Grade 5 some 30 years ago.

    I tried the app again in my office… a simple square about 2.5m x 2.4m. The app worked better, but was still quite a bit out compared to the tape measure distances.

    I would not recommend this for anything where you’re relying on accuracy.

  • I do a lot of room layout and even basic building plans t my work and have been trying a bunch of different apps like this. I have a laser measure and normally do the process manually with pen and paper.

    This one is the easiest to use, and a lot less finicky than Magic Plan which was the last one I tried. RoomScan did get the measurements a bit wrong, but it was super easy to update a couple of dimensions with the laser measure’s data.

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