Revive Faded Old Jeans With A Dye Job

Revive Faded Old Jeans with a $US5 Dye Job

Own a favourite pair of jeans that have seen better days? You don't have to ditch them or turn those worn-out jeans into ones you only use for painting. A simple dye job can bring them back from the dead.

Primer Magazine shows us how easy the dye process is. The article suggests using liquid dye; instead of blue, however, use black dye to get the colour shown in the photo above. Mix the dye in very hot water in a bucket, soak your jeans for an hour in it, and then just rinse the jeans in cold water.

The results, as you see above, come out well, and you can continue wearing your favourite jeans.

Back from the Dead: Revive Your Favourite Faded Jeans by Dyeing Them for Less Than $US5 [Primer Magazine]


    How come it doesn't dye the red stitching too, shouldn't the whole thing be blue?

    Stitching is usually polyester and being synthetic, is more resistant to dyeing than natural. So provided that you don't soak them in the dye for many hours, the stitching should generally remain unaffected.

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