Quick Four Minute Workout Gets You Active Anytime, Anywhere

iOS: Short breaks for activity can do you a lot of good, especially if you work in one place all day. Quick Four Minute Workout is a new app that will walk you through some simple, no-equipment-needed exercises to help you keep the blood pumping.

Quick Four Minute Workout is based on the Tabata Regimen, a high-intensity interval training method that we’ve mentioned before. It’s geared towards people who are already otherwise active, but are looking for ways to sneak in a little extra activity elsewhere in their daily lives, especially in situations where they may not have equipment to work with. The app features video workouts with instructor-led audio prompts to help you move from one exercise to the next. By the end of the four minutes, you’ll have rotated through a full-body set of exercises. The app is free and comes with the workouts, achievements and videos. If you want higher-definition videos, the instructor-led audio prompts, weight and activity tracking, or more achievements to gamify the experience, they’re available via in-app purchase.

If that sounds familiar, the app is developed by the same tema behing the previously-mentioned QuickFit seven-minute workout app. Remember that these super-fast workouts are designed to supplement regular exercises, or to help you get active when you’d otherwise be sedentary. They’re not a shortcut to losing weight or even getting fit. Quick Four Minute Workout is available now for free in the iTunes App Store.

Quick Four Minute Workout (Free) [iTunes App Store]

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