Proofread Resumes By Reading Backwards In A Different Font

Proofread Resumes By Reading Backwards In A Different Font

A common trick used by editors could also serve you well in ensuring your resume does not have any mistakes: change the font and read it from the bottom up.

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That tip comes from proofreader Adrian Granzella Larssen.

Pro Tip: When proofreading, it’s helpful to temporarily change the font, or to read your resume from the bottom up — your eyes get used to reading a page one way, and can often catch new errors when you mix the format up.

Larsen also recommends having someone else look through your CV to spot any errors and identifies things to watch out for, like ensuring consistency by checking if each bullet point ends with a full stop or not.

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  • Even better use a text to speech reader to read your doc back to you. The more robotic the voice the easier it is to hear errors.
    And because the app doesnt know what you meant to write, its reading verbatim errors really stand out.

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